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Analysis Reveals Rare Discounts on Silver Morgan and Silver Peace Dollars

Silver Morgans and Peace Dollars

There’s no mistaking that the Silver Morgan Dollar—the most popular coin in American numismatics—and the Silver Peace Dollar—the United States’ last circulating dollar series ever—are both valuable assets to add to your portfolio. Find out how you can invest in graded Silver Morgan and Silver Peace Dollars at incredibly rare discounts that haven’t been seen in almost a decade!

Silver MorgansIf you’re a precious metals investor, late 2010 and early 2011 probably stand out in your mind. During that period, silver staged one of its most memorable rallies ever—a jump reminiscent of the 1980 market. Not since the Hunt Brothers attempted to corner the silver market did prices accelerate so rapidly. The dramatic move began in August 2010, when silver spot price was in the high teens. By year’s end, silver had crossed the $30 per ounce mark. The next major move took place in Spring 2011, when silver rapidly spiked from $30 per ounce in February to a peak of $47 per ounce in April.

Make no mistake about it, a move from $19 to $47 per ounce in eight months is extraordinary. But what happened in the vintage Silver Dollar market was even more impressive. A bright spotlight was shone on all silver products during this rally. In addition to the usual rounds and bars, investors were clamoring for American Silver Morgan Dollars and Silver Peace Dollars. Mints and refineries kept up with demand for modern silver products, but a “supply squeeze” had developed for Silver Dollars.

The result: prices for Morgan and Peace Dollars increased even more than the spot price of silver! This was especially true for high quality Uncirculated coins. Consider the following table:

 January 2011May 2011Difference
Spot Silver$28.40$36.75$8.35
MS64 Morgan Dollar$78$126$48
MS65 Morgan Dollar$173$263$90

Source for Morgan/Peace prices: NGC Price Guide

While silver moved by $8.35 per ounce, MS64 and MS65 Silver Dollars saw gains of $48 and $90 per coin. If you owned silver in the form of graded Morgan and Peace Dollars, your return was greatly amplified in 2011. This episode is one reason why we’ve long advocated owning Mint State Silver Dollars. Just like graded pre-1933 U.S. gold coins (like the MS64 Saint-Gaudens) offer additional upside, Silver Dollars have the same benefit. Since there’s a finite supply, a rush of new interest often results in a huge gain in premium.

With this in mind, MS64 and MS65 Morgan and Peace Dollars are currently selling at tremendous discounts, which make these coins a smart investment. They’re trading well below recent (let alone, all-time peak) NGC Price Guide levels. In fact, we cannot remember seeing Uncirculated Morgan or Peace Dollars available at such reasonable prices in the past 5-10 years! Just take a look at these price comparisons for MS64 and 65 Morgan and Peace Dollars:


 Your CostCurrent NGC Price Guide May 2011 NGC Price Guide
MS64 Morgan Dollar$62$90$126
MS65 Morgan Dollar $123$200$263
MS64 Peace Dollar $42$60$102
MS65 Peace Dollar$107$130$231


Which Grade Should I Buy?

One of the most common questions we are asked when buying coins is “Which grade do I buy?” At ASI, we tend to refer to MS63 / MS64 / MS65 as “Good, Better and Best.” The grade you choose then depends on the quality you desire and how much you’re willing to spend. The rarer the coin, the more upside potential it has. When there’s a supply squeeze—just like there was in 2011—the hardest items to find end up appreciating the most. It’s no surprise that MS65 Morgan and Peace Dollars saw $80-$90 price jumps in mere months; now, only a miniscule number of Silver Dollars exist in such a high grade. When demand heats up, those are the first to disappear from the marketplace.

As we saw in 2011, lower prices like these don’t last forever. The prices discussed above are in effect until June 16, 2017, or while our inventory remains. If you wish to add Morgan or Peace Dollars to your portfolio, we suggest acting now by purchasing or reserving any coins in which you’re interested, as we have a limited number available—both at discounted and everyday rates. Not only are these Morgan and Peace Dollars a great value, but they’re also an intriguing historical asset that any collector should use to diversify their portfolio.

MS64 Morgan Dollar
(dates: 1878-1904)
$62 per coin - min. order of 20 coins*
Free shipping included
MS64 Peace Dollar
(dates: 1922-1925)
$42 per coin - min. order of 25 coins*
Free shipping included
MS65 Morgan Dollar
(dates: 1878-1904)
$123 per coin - min. order of 10 coins*
Free shipping included
MS65 Peace Dollar
(dates: 1922-1925)
 $107 per coin - min. order of 10 coins*
Free shipping included


Silver Peace DollarsCompared to NGC Price Guide levels, today’s prices for MS64 and MS65 Morgan and Peace Dollars are some of the lowest premiums we’ve seen for these coins. The price to you for MS65 Morgan Silver Dollars, for example, is a whopping 44.5% less than current NGC prices, while the price to you for MS65 Peace Silver Dollars is currently 25.38% less than NGC prices.

Because prices like these are well below the NGC Price Guide, purchasing Morgan and Peace Dollars now, before there is another price jump, is a very wise investment. As we saw in 2011, it doesn’t take long for precious metals prices to rise. If you have any questions or wish to purchase silver Morgan and Peace Dollars, call us at 800-831-0007 or send us an email.

*Prices are subject to change due to market fluctuation and product availability. Coins will be our choice of dates. Prices reflected are for cash, check, and wire payments only. Free shipping, handling and insurance included. Offer expires June 16, 2017.

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