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Buying and Selling Precious Metals

Buying and selling precious metals is easy with ASI Precious Metals Direct. Our online trading platform gives you up-to-the-second pricing on some of the most popular precious metals products out there. Buy and sell with the click of a button, and always know that your price is being determined by the competitive bidding of 12 of the largest precious metals suppliers in the industry.
When it comes time to sell, simply check your portfolio and click 'sell' next to the items you want to liquidate. Payment is processed automatically, and funds will either be added to your account or sent to you in a method of your choosing. ASI Precious Metals Direct has become a 'one-stop-shop' for all of your precious metals needs.

Opening a personal account on ASI Precious Metals Direct allows you to have an account solely in your name or jointly with a spouse or significant other.

Opening this account type is free and is the most frequently selected by our clients. It offers a great deal of flexibility to buy for delivery, domestic storage, and international storage.






Never before has a precious metals IRA been easier. Gone are the multitudes of paperwork simply to make a purchase. Setting up an IRA is similar to our other account types. However, this account has a one-time set up fee of $25, similar to other IRA programs. You will pay a $100 annual fee to our custodian, Millennium Trust Company, to maintain your account each year.

Once you are set up, you truly have a self-directed precious metals IRA. You are able to buy, sell, and transfer funds with a click of a button, no tedious forms or processing fees required.

*Only available in New York, Salt Lake City, and Zurich.





While regulations can change from state to state, an UTMA (Universal Transfer to Minors Act) account is an option for you on ASI Precious Metals Direct. This account can be opened for free and is a way to gift to your children, grandchildren, or other beneficiaries.

You can give the gift of stability and security down the line through the domestic and international storage of metals, or through our Wealth Accumulation Plan—incremental purchases of precious metals over time. It is never too early to start saving for a child’s future, and UTMA is a great way to gift precious metals to them.




Include precious metals holdings in your trust and protect the future of your assets with ASI Precious Metals Direct. Trust accounts are extremely flexible through our platform, and we require minimal documentation to get started. Don’t worry about the future of your holdings, and allow your trust to do the heavy lifting as it was designed to do.




Use ASI Precious Metals Direct to make smart, long-term decisions about your holdings; not only for yourself, but for your business entity, as well. Whether your entity is a Corporate, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, or LLC, ASI Precious Metals Direct has you covered.

These accounts are a flexible way to add stability to the long-term planning of your business and require minimal documentation to get started.




The Wealth Accumulation Plan (WAP) is our newest addition to the ASI Precious Metals Direct platform. You can dollar cost average into the market and add monthly contributions of metals to your plan. You have the option to set the program to which metals you want to buy and how much you want to buy each month.

The metals are purchased at the same time every month, per your instructions, and will draw directly from your bank account to make your purchase if needed. You can also switch the program to ‘off’ if you don’t want to purchase metals that month, and you can turn it back on when ready. You can use the WAP in a Personal, Trust, Business Entity, and UTMA accounts.




Storage and Delivery

Vaultresize2ASI Precious Metals Direct offers seamless management and storage of your precious metals domestically and abroad. We offer a wide range of storage facilities in five countries. New York and Salt Lake City are available domestically, and London, Zurich, Singapore, and Sydney are available internationally. When you purchase precious metal via ASI Precious Metals Direct, you can have it stored at any of the previously mentioned storage locations that are offered for that specific product.

Your metal is fully insured at all times and can be withdrawn and delivered to you with a few clicks of your mouse. We offer low storage rates for your metal (0.7% per year on gold, platinum, and palladium, and 0.8% per year on silver), and you pay the same rate regardless of your storage location.

On ASI Precious Metals Direct, you can purchase any of our metals for delivery. The platform will update you every step of the way, from order confirmation to your package being shipped. You will also receive a tracking number for your package. If you had previously decided to store your precious metals, delivering those metals has never been easier. This is a great strategy if you are building up small amounts of a particular product over time. No need to call your depository and fill out paperwork. Simply click 'deliver' next to the items you want sent out and follow the prompt. The system will show you the charge for delivery up front. If delivery is what you need, our options are there to fulfill them.

ASIPMD Storage Benefits:

  • Highly protected

  • Domestic and International storage

  • Fully insured

  • Holdings and valuations are reported daily

  • Quarterly audits by the most well-known firms in the country

  • You own the actual physical metal




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