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Beat The Index with Rare Investment Grade Coins

By Jon Swyers

Do you share my growing concern over the uncertainty in the securities market? Do you wonder which unpredictable global event will rock the current bullish trend?

The U.S. dollar is strong, but its buying power is at risk. You can literally watch our $18 trillion National Debt rise every second when you visit the U.S. Treasury Debt Clock.

The U.S. government is desperately looking for money. Our Administration even tried to tax our 529 college plans! And, most recently, we understand the TSA is turning its attention away from terrorists in favor of more lucrative criminal targets… with tax evaders high on the list.

When the Treasury raises rates to sell bonds and pay its bills, the debacle in the securities market will not be pretty! Bonds and cash are no refuge.

Where will you turn to protect yourself?

Feb RCP Feature F

1853-C $1.00 PCGS MS63 CAC

Type One gold dollars were made at the Charlotte mint from 1849 through 1853. The 1853-C is a scarce issue with just a few hundred known from the original mintage of just 11,515.

This date is mostly seen in circulated grades and there are likely fewer than 20 known in Uncirculated, usually in the MS60 to MS62 range. Properly graded MS63’s are very rare and there are only a few finer 1853-C gold dollars than the present coin.

This piece is pleasing and original with nice green-gold color and choice surfaces for the issue. There are a few areas of mint-made roughness seen on the planchet, but the overall quality is far above average for the date and grade.

PCGS has graded five in MS63 with not a single coin higher. CAC has approved three in MS63 and none above this. The PCGS Price Guide suggests a value of $14,500 for an MS63 without CAC approval.

This is an important coin for the gold dollar specialist, the Charlotte mint collector, or a type enthusiast who wants one very nice, better date Charlotte dollar for his or her set.

Our answer is investment grade rare coins, uncorrelated assets that are above the fray of monetary policy and market forces.PCGS

This is what ‘uncorrelated’ looks like. Notice the price surge in 2008-2010, while the global crisis of 2008 caused the securities markets to tank. Then the index levels off followed by new growth in 2013, all while securities were recovering.

Clearly, rare coin prices are above the fray of world events and government policies, and are unaffected by the market forces which rule securities.

Rare coin prices are also uncorrelated to the price of gold:


And uncorrelated to the price of silver as well:


True, we believe gold and silver are great buys right now. (Check out our analysis in Information Line). But, the rarities index went up mightily in 2013-2014 in contrast to gold and silver. Rarities are a hedge against all other markets.

And consider this: ASI’s Rare Coin Program (RCP) is designed to beat even this high performing index. After all, this model is merely an index, while the RCP is a handpicked rare coin program supervised by Douglas Winter, the world’s leading expert in pre-1933 rare gold U.S. coins.

Doug makes sure RCP coins are truly rare, not issued by the ‘mint of the month’ club. His standards of grading, color, condition and beauty are very high.

  • Doug anticipates interest in an historic period before the trend hikes the price.
  • Doug is a market maker in pre-1933 U.S. rare gold coins. Private collectors around the world come to him to buy and sell coins.
  • Doug is the go-to guy for buying and selling millions of dollars in coins each year. He simply has the choice of all that’s out there.
  • Doug is a savant with an uncanny discerning eye.

We currently have limited inventory of these rare investment grade coins.

This is one of our most sought after asset programs. There is nothing else like it from any precious metals dealer. While they cater to collectors; we cater to investors.

We typically sell out inventory in 24-48 hours after an article such as this one appears.

That is why I urge you to act right away. Clients in our program are consistent buyers. The level of peace of mind they receive keeps them coming back.

To add safety and growth to your portfolio in uncertain times call and speak to an ASI Preferred Client Relations representative today… while we still have these outstanding buys for you.

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