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Best Buy: A Finest Known $2.5 Liberty and More!

By Jonathan Swyers

Many of you have already seen success when purchasing our spotlight coin offers. Several of you already looking for the next step in diversification and growth, inevitably ask me a question. It usually goes something like this, “I really like what you are offering here, but is there a way to do this in a more long-term, investment-oriented fashion?”

The answer is a resounding yes! ASI is a national leader in the rare coin market, and we have investment grade rare coins available to you through our Rare Coin Program.

The below coins feature some of our best (and most affordable) purchases from the Long Beach coin show earlier this month. When purchasing these coins, Doug Winter, our numismatic expert, filters through thousands of rare coins to select only the ones with the greatest potential for investment. Among the coins available are a tied for finest known proof $2.5 Gold Liberty, a first year issue from the extremely desirable and elusive Dahlonega mint, a pre-Civil

War $20 Liberty, and two other coins listed as top 10 specimens of their kind!

The type of value we offer in this program is (in my opinion) the best in the industry at affordable prices that allow you to be successful over time. These are one of a kind items, so once one is sold, it’s gone!

1872 $2.50 PCGS PR64DCAM CAC  Extremely rare proof $2.5, tied for finest known.
   Feb16 1872 Transparent F 
 Price in 2010: $22,482.50
 Price Guide: $36,500
 Increase since 2010: ~33%
 Your Price: $29,900
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1839-D $2.50 PCGS VF30 CAC  First year issue from the rare and desireable Dahlonega mint.
   Feb16 1839 Transparent F 
 Price in 2015: $4,230
 Price Guide: $6,000
 Increase since 2015: ~41%
 Your Price: $5,975
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1841-D Small D Variety $5.00 PCGS MS61 Early date variety only seen twice in the last 17 years.
   Feb16 1841 Transparent F 
 Price in 2014: $9,988
 Price Guide: $16,500
 Increase since 2014: ~30%
 x Rarer than Most Common: 633x
 Your Price: $12,950
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1847-C $5.00 PCGS MS61 Top three specimen from the popular Charlotte mint.
   Feb16 1847 Transparent F 
 Price in 2006: $6,325
 Price Guide: $13,500
 Increase since 2006: ~105%
 x Rarer than Most Common: 1100x
 Your Price: $12,950
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1859 $20.00 PCGS EF40 Pre-civil war issue seen for the first time since 2009.
   Feb16 1859 Transparent F 
 Price in 2008: $2,530
 Price Guide: $8,000
 Increase since 2008: ~202%
 x Rarer than Most Common: 235x
 Your Price: $7,650
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1873-S Open 3 $20.00 PCGS MS61 CAC High grade, rare variety from the San Francisco mint! Only five finer.
   Feb16 1873S Transparent F 
 Price in 2004: $9,919
 Price Guide: $18,500
 Increase since 2004: ~80%
 x Rarer than Most Common: 496x
 Your Price: $17,850
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With an average increase of about 60% over the last ten years (a period which just so happens to include the worst recession since the Great Depression), rare coins have the security, stability and growth you are looking for in your portfolio.

Take advantage of these assets to diversify further. To find out more about the program, please visit our website, send me an email, or call me at 800-831-0007 to discuss your options.

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