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Create a ‘Dirt Cheap’ Precious Metals IRA Before It’s Too Late

By Rich Checkan

I've been watching the precious metals market for decades and can tell you gold and silver are ‘dirt cheap’ right now… and, below the cost of production. Now is the time to create (or add to) your precious metals IRA.

Prices are languishing at six year lows.

If your goal is to protect your wealth, taking advantage of today’s low precious metals prices is like buying insurance at a discounted premium. If your purpose is to grow your wealth, now is a great time to buy low, so you can eventually sell high.

The securities indices are erratic. We are once again experiencing trepidation when we open our monthly statements.

Precious metals bring ballast to our portfolios in the face of what many now believe to be an inevitable interest rate increase in December.

Janet Yellen stated clearly… she would raise rates if the employment report was good. By her standards, it is. This means your bonds will take a hit, as will any corporate stocks dependent on growth through borrowing.

Warning – for every 1% rise in interest rates, a 10 year bond will lose 10% of its value.

At today’s low prices, it’s the right time to add precious metals to your IRA.

If you ever plan to retire, you need to beat inflation at its own game.

This year, there will be no cost of living increase in Social Security, because the government has calculated no rise in the cost of living. Yet, we already see inflation in sectors other than energy and transportation - particularly in the Elder Consumer Price Index (ECPI); the most accurate measure used to determine cost of living for retirees.

Are you willing to cut down on your lifestyle just when it’s time to start living?

Precious metals have typically been an inflation fighter. By owning hard assets whose prices typically rise with inflation, your IRA will be better able to maintain your lifestyle after you stop working.

Don’t snooze and lose.

IRA contributions should be timely… made while prices are low. Call us at 800-831-0007, or send an email, for information well before you are under the gun to make your contribution. We need a little time to establish your self-directed IRA, to process payment and to transfer the gold and silver (or platinum or palladium) to your account.

Want the ultimate in convenience? Use our online platform to set up a precious metals IRA.

At ASI, one of our greatest innovations has been to simplify the self-directed precious metals IRA process through our ASI Precious Metals Direct (ASIPMD) platform. ASI Precious Metals Direct is truly a game changer. It's the perfect choice if you want the convenience and the immediacy of online access and minimal paperwork.

It takes under 10 minutes to open an ASI Precious Metals Direct relationship. Simultaneously, you will complete your IRA application with Entrust (your custodian), who will handle your paperwork. From then on, you can check your statements online anytime, and add to your holdings in minutes.

You are assured the best pricing as your order is bid for by 12 different wholesalers and refiners. The same advantage is available when it comes time to sell. No wasting time calling around, or the feeling of insecurity that a better price is around the corner.

IRA holdings are available for storage in New York City, Salt Lake City and Zurich.

If you want time-honored offshore security consider Perth Mint Certificates… Gold You Can Fold.

One of our most popular products, the Perth Mint Certificate Program (PMCP), is also approved for IRAs. The benefits of owning gold through a Perth Mint Certificate in your IRA include:

  • Backed by the highly-rated and profitable government of Western Australia
  • Low premiums
  • Offshore storage
  • Low or no ongoing storage fees

If you are purchasing a certificate for your IRA for the first time, there is a $10,000 minimum. Subsequent purchases require a minimum of $5,000.

If you want to go old school with domestically stored metals in your IRA, call us to discuss options for custodians, precious metals allocations and domestic storage for your IRA precious metals.

Call us at 800-831-0007 to speak with a Preferred Client Relations representative to see if one of our programs fit your needs. But, you need to act quickly to take advantage of the ongoing fire sale in precious metals.

Attention: If you are subject to the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), you must notify us of your intent to liquidate precious metals in your IRA before December 10th. We will not have time to process your transaction after this date. This is extremely important, as failure to make your RMD is subject to a severe IRS penalty.

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