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Extreme Rarity and History from Carson City Gold Coins

By Brian Zweig

Carson City gold coins offer an exciting combination of extreme rarity and fascinating history due to their connection to the Wild West. These gold coins are also avidly sought after by coin collectors and numismatic specialists. To understand what makes Carson City gold coins so desirable and rare, we must go back to the years immediately following the California Gold Rush.

After the California Gold Rush led to the San Francisco Mint, the famous discovery of the Comstock Lode precipitated the creation of a branch mint in Carson City. In 1863, Congress authorized the establishment of the Carson City Mint due to the difficulty of transporting massive amounts of silver from Nevada to California.

Since only small amounts of gold were available for coinage in Carson City, the Mint’s primary focus was issuing silver coins. Thus, Carson City gold coins are extremely rare and valuable.

Carson City Mint produced three denominations of gold coins: $5 Half Eagles, $10 Eagles and $20 Double Eagles in relatively limited quantities. For example, only 3,789 Double Eagles were issued at the branch mint in 1870, and only several dozens of these are known to collectors today.

In addition, although the Mint was open for 23 years, there were several gaps in productions due to limited availability of raw gold in the area. Mintages were always small, especially compared to the major quantities issued in Philadelphia and San Francisco.

There is no such thing as a common Carson City Double Eagle – every date is rare and valuable. Today, we’re excited to offer you a remarkable group of Carson City Eagles and Carson City Double Eagles that range from a wide variety of grades and price points.

Carson City Gold Coinage Offer

March17 RCP 1871 F
1871-CC $10.00 PCGS EF45 CAC
Price: $21,250*

This 1871-CC is the nicest EF45 example of this date I can recall seeing as it is wholly original with deep, rich olive-gold and russet toning... Read More


March17 RCP 1874 F
1874-CC $10.00 PCGS EF40
Price: $5,750*

This 1874-CC is in demand in VF and EF grades as nice AU pieces have become expensive and difficult to locate... Read More


March17 RCP 1878 F

*Please note: the scratch on the obverse is on the holder, and not the coin.
1878-CC $10.00 PCGS EF45

Rare 1878-CC Eagle
Price: $16,500*

There are an estimated 70-80 known 1878-CC eagles from an original mintage of just 3,244. This date is unique in Uncirculated, and I haven't handled one finer than AU55…Read More


March17 RCP 1890 F
1890-CC $10.00 PCGS MS61
Price: $5,250*

This 1890-CC is a perfect CC type coin for the collector seeking one choice eagle from this popular mint… Read More


March17 RCP 1877 F
1877-CC $20.00 PCGS AU55
Price: $10,750*

The 1877-CC is the first Type Three Double Eagle from this Mint, and it is not often seen in grades above the AU53 to AU55 range... Read More


March17 RCP 1883 F
1883-CC $20.00 PCGS MS61
Price: $15,000*

This fresh-to-the-market 1883-CC is scarce in the lower Uncirculated grades and it becomes rare in MS62 and above... Read More


March17 RCP 1883CAC F
1883-CC $20.00 PCGS AU53 CAC
Price: $6,000*

Only a small handful of 1833-CC Double Eagles are blatantly original with dark, deep natural coloration such as this exceptionally original example… Read More


March17 RCP 1884 F
1884-CC $20.00 PCGS AU58 CAC
Price: $9,500*

It is unlikely if more than 20% of these 1884-CC Double Eagles are nice enough for eventual CAC approval such as this coin... Read More

These Carson City gold coins offer a level of rarity, beauty and value that doesn’t come around too often. These coins have shown excellent price performance in the last decade, with some issues doubling in value. Since these coins are in finite supply, we anticipate continued appreciation for rare Carson City gold as the supply cannot meet the high demand. Considering the demand for high-quality rare coins is rapidly increasing, don’t delay in profiting from the fast-growing market of rare coins today.

Call us at 800-831-0007 or send us an email to purchase Carson City gold coins!

*Prices are subject to change based on market fluctuation and availability. Prices reflected are for wire transfer, check, or cash only. Offer expires March 30, 2017.

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