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Offshore Storage Under FATCA, Making Private Referrals, and Wealth Building With the New ASIPMD Website

By Carl Weber III

FATCA has me confused about many things; one of them is offshore storage of my precious metals. Can I still store my gold and silver offshore? Linda B., Smyrna, New York

Of course you can. In fact, ASI is adding more storage opportunities all the time. For example, you can now store IRA holdings in Zürich if you select the 1-ounce American Gold Eagle through our online platform, ASI Precious Metals Direct (ASIPMD). Other ASIPMD offshore storage options for non-IRA funds include Melbourne, Singapore, London and Zürich as well.

The precious metals evidenced by Perth Mint Certificates (PMCs) are always stored in Perth, Australia, 100% backed by the government of Western Australia and insured at 100% of current market value by Lloyd's of London. PMCs can be held in or out of an IRA.

Your question confirms our concern that FATCA will not only confuse, but also stymie your efforts to build the 'three-legged stool' that ASI uses as a metaphor for a balanced portfolio. Hold your wealth across currencies, across countries and across investments.

We are personally on a mission to be sure the new FATCA reporting requirements do not result in eliminating the 'across countries' component. I urge you to call ASI and speak with a Preferred Client Relations representative about any question you have regarding FATCA.

I've decided to open a relationship through ASI Precious Metals Direct so I can trade online. When I went back to the website I saw it had changed. Has the program also changed in any way? Telly, R., Henderson, Nevada

Our ASI Precious Metals Direct program has expanded and our website has improved with it!

Our new website describes the wide variety of services we offer including:

• precious metals IRA,
• UTMA account for a child under the age of 18, and
• personal, trust, business or corporate accounts.

We expanded our precious metals offerings to include the Valcambi CombiBar in both 50-gram and 1-ounce bars. These are excellent for home storage and ready for use in commercial transactions or in emergency situations. You can also purchase the PAMP Multigram 25+ for 25-gram denominations.

For those not familiar with our online platform, visit www.ASIPMDirect.com where you can open a relationship in less than 10 minutes and trade during extended market hours. You can access your statements online 24/7 from any smart phone, tablet or computer.

We are gaining more interest in our online Wealth Accumulation Plan (WAP), which allows you to dollar cost average into precious metals with contributions automatically withdrawn from a designated bank account.

As our platform has evolved with more sophisticated options for you, we felt it was necessary to upgrade the manner in which we presented these options to you.

Do you mind if I send you referrals? If I do, will my personal account information be disclosed in any way? Jarred W., Baker, California

We genuinely appreciate referrals from our clients. While we will always ask how you heard about ASI, and would like to know who sent you to us, we will never reveal any personal information.

Privacy is part of our code of honor. We would not even casually discuss your details with an unauthorized third party. We have built this company over the past 32 years by taking care of our clients and by treating their trust as sacred. As a result, many of you have come to us from friends... both clients and organizations...who trust we will take care of you based upon our track record.

Word of mouth is how we have grown. By all means, please tell your friends about us.

Q&A Roundup

1. Do not hesitate to store your precious metals abroad despite FATCA. We are on a mission to educate you about how the Act affects you. Call a Preferred Client Relations representative at 877-340-0790 and discuss your questions.
2. Visit www.ASIPMDirect.com, even if you are already part of the program. You may be impressed by some of the new services and products offered.
3. If you like what we have done for you and what we bring to the table, do not hesitate to make a referral. I assure you that everyone will be treated with the utmost respect, care and privacy.

Will you be attending the Stansberry Society meeting in California? John A., Bismarck, North Dakota

ASI co-Founder and Chairman, Michael Checkan and President, Rich Checkan travel extensively and are always delighted to meet with you. If you are going to any of the following conferences, conventions, or events, please let us know by calling 877-340-0790 or send me an email. We will make arrangements for you to meet with Michael, Rich or other representatives of ASI at the conference or nearby if you're in the area.

Stansberry SocietyAugust 19-25, 2014 – Michael & Rich Checkan

The Stansberry Conference Series continues in Los Angeles with S&A's "Best Investment Ideas." Michael and Rich have attended the last two shows, and, if the past is any indication, this is a must attend event that you will not want to miss.

Chicago ANAAugust 4-10, 2014 – Steve Emerick

Our Preferred Client Relations Manager, Steve Emerick, will be traveling to Chicago this year. He will be meeting with Doug Winter, our Rare Coin Program expert, along with our industry partners. All of this is to make sure he is getting the best deal for you every day of the year.

New Orleans Investment Conference 2014August 22-25, 2014 Michael & Rich Checkan

The Jefferson Companies continue their string of strong conferences again in 2014. A special treat is in store this year, with Alan Greenspan speaking at the conference in person, as the New Orleans Investment Conference celebrates its 40th year!

Sovereign Society Total Wealth SymposiumSeptember 17-20, 2014 Rich Checkan

The Sovereign Society will be traveling to the Trump Tower in Panama City to discuss the "Countdown to Confiscation." A wealth of speakers covering topics from alternative investments to banking offshore will be on hand to answer your questions.


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