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Gold Breaks Out—Here’s What You Need to Do Next

By Brien Lundin

Our good friend Brien Lundin, editor of Golden Opportunities, is a noted investment expert, who has edited the Golden Opportunities newsletter since 1993. He has helped transform this newsletter into one of the industry’s most profitable publications. Lundin’s writing is always extremely informative, and his experience extends back more than three decades! In the time that we’ve known him, he’s always given his readers content they can act on. Be sure to subscribe to Brien's free e-letter, Golden Opportunities, here.

Over the past few weeks, gold has taken an incredible climb upward and has finally broken the $1,300 per ounce resistance level. With that said, we thought you would find that Lundin’s analysis of gold’s upsurge provides unique insight that’s useful to your future investments. You can read his article below to see which direction Lundin predicts gold will head. — Rich Checkan

Wow. Last week I talked about how gold was flirting with $1,300 per ounce, but running out of time to surmount that obstacle.

I also noted how North Korea had been pushed out of the headlines…but that this was a major issue that would eventually return.

Fast-forward to today: In the past couple weeks, gold has soared as much as $20 per ounce in 24 hours, smashing through the $1,300 per ounce ceiling…

…While North Korea has launched a major new, weapons-capable missile over Japan.

Interestingly, these events had relatively little to do with each other. Gold had broken out well before North Korea lit up its latest missile provocation, and this latest geopolitical dust-up only added to the metal’s gains after the market close.

On August 29, gold finished the day flat, after concerns over North Korea’s missile launch waned somewhat.

Still, this break-out in gold above $1,300 per ounce could be the launch of a big move—with tremendous implications for all investors.

The Start of a Major Bull Run?

That’s the question of the day: Is this the beginning of the next big rally in metals?

It certainly looks like it. For one thing, if gold closes on Thursday anywhere near its current levels it will represent an upside breakout on the monthly gold chart going back over five years.

It’s these kinds of long-term technical indicators that bring big-money traders into a sector. Combined with the on-going decline in the U.S. dollar, the Fed’s reticence to raise rates, the growing signs of an economic slowdown in the U.S.…

…Plus, of course, the escalating situation with North Korea…

…And you get a perfect recipe for still higher gold prices.

Another factor: Today marks the “starting gun” for the fall season in the investing world. Uncounted hordes of traders will return to their desks, tanned and rested from their summer vacation…and looking to capitalize on the next big trend.

They’ll quickly discover that gold’s breaking out on their daily, weekly, and monthly charts, while every other asset class is facing mounting difficulties and questions.

Just a tiny shift in portfolio allocations toward gold will launch it toward previous record highs.

More Than Just Gold and Silver

What’s particularly exciting about these moves is that they extend across the metals spectrum: Copper, zinc, aluminum, nickel, cobalt, vanadium—you name it, it’s breaking out to the upside.

Historically, a base metals move like this would herald strong economic growth in China. This isn’t borne out, at least yet, by much fundamental data.

Perhaps the metals are seeing ahead right now.

But, I think this move has much to do with the weakness in the dollar. From a technical basis, we expected the dollar, as measured by the Dollar Index, to mount a counter-rally over the last few weeks. It simply had to work off a very over-sold condition after its steep sell-off.

As it turned out, the dollar was barely able to lift its figurative head off the mat. Instead of a counter-rally, it lay dormant… before continuing its descent over the last few trading sessions.

For reasons of its own, the dollar is heading lower. For reasons of its own, gold is heading higher. And those two moves are only adding fuel to each other’s fire.

What This Means for You

Frankly, the record shows that the best thing to do is to attend the New Orleans Investment Conference. No other event gathers together so many top experts in not only metals and mining, but also geopolitics, economics, and every other investment sector.

As I noted last week, this year’s New Orleans Conference will feature Charles Krauthammer, Tucker Carlson, Robert Kiyosaki, Peter Schiff, Dennis Gartman, Rick Rule, Doug Casey, and dozens of today’s top experts in geopolitics, economics, and investing.

And I’ll be there as well, delivering my top picks in junior mining stocks. Many of my picks from last year have more than doubled so far. And now the entire sector is headed higher.

Simply put: You need to attend this year’s New Orleans Conference. And I’m going to make the decision irresistible to you.

If you respond within the next two days, I’m going to guarantee that you enjoy our deepest discount—up to $400 off of the registration fee…

…Plus I’ll give you a free upgrade to Gold Club status. That’s a $189 value that gives you lots of on-site benefits, including face time with many of our speakers, plus discounts and a free copy of the official Conference transcript.

That’s $589 worth of benefits…absolutely free if you register within the next two days.

Perhaps the biggest benefit: You’ll guarantee your place at this year’s New Orleans Conference. Many people were left out in the cold last year as our hotel sold out, and registrations are flowing in at a much faster pace this year.

I urge you to call us toll free at 800-648-8411 right now to lock in your discounted registration…or click here to register online.

Whatever you do, make sure you act now to get positioned for this next, great gold bull run.

I’ve seen fortunes made every time a situation like this has occurred in the past, and it’s about to happen again.

1-ounce Gold American EaglesWith this upward trend in gold prices, the yellow metal presents an incredible opportunity for growth. We can’t say it enough—now is the time to buy gold before it climbs even higher. As evidenced by this upward movement in price, investors realize the value of gold in times of geopolitical uncertainty, like we face with North Korea.

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