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Has the Debt Domino Caused a Silver Conspiracy?

By Rich Checkan

Silver prices have fallen; yet, demand is skyrocketing. As a result, premiums and delivery times are rising.

What's behind all this? Is there a conspiracy? How can you benefit?

I’ll give you the inside story, but first, indulge me on reviewing what's going on around the world and how it affects precious metals and your bottom line.

The relatively small country of Greece is only a minor blip on the screen. Yet, we saw how markets reeled from their troubles.

Unless your eyes are shut tight, you know China, the United States, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Puerto Rico, and Cyprus are likewise in a debt spiral.

China lost $3.2 trillion in stock market value in only 28 days. Despite its shaky situation, the yuan could become an IMF reserve currency, making world banks less interested in supporting the dollar simply because they will need fewer greenbacks.

Asia and the euro zone are in trouble, and we are not feeling so good ourselves.

Make no mistake. Our so-called ‘recovery’ doesn't feel like a recovery. Look around you. Are people economically secure? Do you feel calm and fearless about your economic future? We read statistics that the employment rate is improving. However, this doesn't take into account the millions who have stopped looking for work, or earn only two thirds of their previous salary.

That is not a recovery; but, an acceptance of a lower-level of economic well-being.

No wonder investors are turning to precious metals. They finally understand their buying power is in jeopardy. They are taking advantage of low prices in silver; many getting their feet wet for the first time. ASI is experiencing incredibly high buying months, even at a time where precious metals prices are dropping.

People are getting smart. They are buying low.

Economic events worldwide have conspired to motivate us to protect ourselves against future dollar weakness. When the time comes to use our assets to support our lifestyle, we must be in a currency that counts. Sovereign Silver along with King Gold are world currencies that always have kept up with consumer price inflation.

So why are prices falling? Is there a conspiracy? And, why the delivery delays?

When it comes to shortages, it's important to understand the difference between junk silver (90% silver coins minted before 1965), and coins and bars newly minted for distribution by private and government mints.

With regard to minted silver, we have a manufacturing problem.

Think of a suit factory facing demand greater than its capacity to produce. Ask any garment center worker, and they'll tell you the result is late delivery. That's what we are experiencing with minted products right now. Even the U.S. mint stopped producing silver Eagles recently. They are up to capacity. When demand spikes, delivery is late.

With regard to junk silver, supply is finite and market availability is based on the willingness of present owners to let go of the junk silver they own. Of course, when silver prices are low, they hold on… unless prices spike lower. Likewise, a spike higher may cause others to sell. There's no availability when everyone has theirs safely tucked away in storage.

So we are faced with a conspiracy… a conspiracy of events.

We want to protect our bottom lines, so how do we benefit from this conspiracy?

Take advantage of the low prices now. We still have a ‘zero’ interest rate policy from the Fed, giving you no reason to hold cash or CDs. We have unusually stressful economic scenarios worldwide and a very shaky bull market at home. Don't be afraid of long delivery. Precious metals are buy-and-hold, a crisis play, wealth insurance.

Here's how to buy cost-effectively in the face of higher premiums.

Consider Perth Mint Certificates. This is Gold (and Silver and Platinum) You Can Fold, negotiable through dealers worldwide, stored in the Perth Mint and fully insured by the Government of Western Australia. You'll buy gold, silver and platinum at 2.25%* above spot price. For silver, add $0.10 per ounce for fabrication* of pooled, allocated silver.

Another cost-effective choice is Buffalo rounds. We can currently supply them at 5-7% above the spot price, depending on the size of the order.* We have many other alternatives for you, so it's best to talk through your goals and consider some guidance before purchasing.

What to do next…

Call one of our non-commissioned Preferred Client Relations Representatives at 877-340-0790.

This is a conspiracy from which you can benefit. Take advantage of the strong dollar, and use the current precious metals sale (gold down 40% from the highs – silver down 60% from the highs) to Keep What’s Yours!

*Prices are subject to change based upon product availability and due to market fluctuation.

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