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Investing in Rare Stamps and an Opportunity to Uncover the Secrets of the Financial Elite

By Ryan Kirsch
Each stamp has a story, and 100 years from now, that story will still be just as relevant. If you’re looking for an asset that has truly stood the test of time and can be passed down for generations, rare stamps are a sound investment.

Rare stamps are the world’s most valuable commodity by weight and have a proven performance of hundreds of years. They are one of the greatest tokens of history and highlight political, historical, and socio-economic development. Monarchs like Queen Victoria and King George V are famous for being featured on series of stamps, which have now become collectibles. The Penny Black, the world’s first adhesive postage stamp, issued on May 6, 1840, was a milestone similar to the Internet, in that it connected people from great distances. Whereas some can be purchased in “like new” condition, rare, investment-grade options have traveled around the world and have an extensive history.

Rare stamps are commonly referred to as investments of passion, much like wine, fine art, antique automobiles, coins, and so forth. As tangible assets, these investments are versatile and can be used as both investments and for personal collection and enjoyment.

Another major benefit of owning rare stamps is that they are uncorrelated to traditional financial markets and have a limited volatility, unlike stocks. Essentially, they’re unlikely to increase or decrease in value as a result of fluctuations in the dollar or the stock market. When the stock market crashed in 2008, the markets for rare stamps were some of the only markets that didn’t drop in value; in fact, their value continued to grow.
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Rare stamps are typically successful during times of economic instability, because their value is derived from a strong collector base. These collectors value them for their limited availability, superior condition, beauty, history, and origin—features that will almost always prove valuable.

One of the major benefits of investing in rare stamps is their legacy potential. They can easily be passed down to your heirs, and store purchasing power well over time. This ability makes rare stamps a good asset to include in trust funds, children’s accounts, or personal portfolios.

If you want to learn more about rare stamps and alternate or unfamiliar investment options, ASI is offering you a phenomenal opportunity to explore a variety of investment opportunities at the VVienna Investment and Diversification Summitienna Investment and Diversification Summit. This summit will help you explore banking and investment options in Europe and will hopefully help you learn something new about the wide variety of alternative assets available both in the United States and abroad. Participants will have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with investment experts and financial professionals from across Europe and the United States, including Geoff Anandappa, Portfolio Manager at Stanley Gibbons.

By participating in this summit, you will also have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore The Imperial City of Vienna during its famed Christmas Market Season. The Vienna Investment and Diversification Summit will take place in Vienna, Austria, from November 28 to December 3, 2017, and is limited to 50 people on a first-come-first-served basis. This is an incredible opportunity to mingle with global experts and take advantage of knowledge that is typically reserved for the world’s financial elite.

Rare stamps are more than what you may see on the surface—they tell a vibrant story of prosperity, war, social development, and much more. Because of their intrinsic historical and collectible value, rare stamps are one of the only assets that typically triumph during economic instability. To add the extra layer of stability to your portfolio with rare stamps or to inquire about the Vienna Investment and Diversification Summit, call us at 800-831-0007 or send us an email.

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