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Recap of the ASI Conference: Precious Metals to Rare Tangible Assets 2014

By Rich Checkan

Education and actionable direction, all in a relaxing environment, were the axioms at ASI's Precious Metals to Rare Tangible Assets Conference on November 7th - 8th.

The event began at the Smithsonian National Postal Museum in Washington, D.C. The tour of the museum was enhanced by the knowledgeable docents (guides) positioned throughout the gallery. They told us little known facts and stories along the way. We saw the collections of such famous investors and collectors such as Bill Gross and Winston Churchill. Pop culture stamps featuring Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe drew our attention.


Of course, we all gravitated to the new Chinese stamp exhibit as ASI has been publishing reports on the Chinese rare stamp market and the importance of holding rare stamps to hedge the weakness of our dollar. But for that moment, attendees were engrossed in the beauty of the Chinese stamps and their history.

A Night Of Camaraderie

Friday night dinner at the The Phoenix Park Hotel brought new surprises. The evening was introduced by Allen Kane, the Director of the Smithsonian National Postal Museum. The museum houses more than 16 million items, in a 100,000 square foot facility.

"The range of historical and educational materials is unprecedented," said Director Kane. "We continually add interactive exhibits and harness modern technology to attract children and adults from all over the world. There is always something new at which to marvel."

We heard from the charming and very talented, Ethel Kessler. She is one of the art directors for the United States Postal Service (USPS) and has designed over 300 stamps, including the very popular, breast cancer awareness stamp. She gave us an insider's look at the world of stamp design, flaws and triumphs; and the way stamp design melds art, philanthropy and philately in a unique way.

A Day Of Learning

Saturday morning, we began the conference at The Phoenix Park Hotel, across from the Smithsonian National Postal Museum. We were determined to absorb the information presented by the invited world-leading experts in precious metals and rare tangible assets.

Most attendees were comfortable with the strategy of why they have precious metals in their portfolio for both wealth protection (always) and profit (from time to time). However, alternative investing in rare stamps, pre-1933 U.S. rare gold coins, antiquities, world coins and first edition books were a new means of adding to a portfolio. This added an edge of excitement and anticipation, as each of the experts in these alternative investing vehicles presented their unique perspective.

A Few Words Of Wisdom From Our Speakers

Rich Checkan - President and COO, Asset Strategies International:

"Today we need a high degree of protection from all types of fiat currency. Like precious metals, rarities transcend generations, provide profit and wealth protection to fulfill our goal to have you Keep What's Yours."

Keith Heddle - Group Investment Director, Stanley Gibbons Ltd.:

"Unless you have a crystal ball, you need to create a portfolio that has an anchor in uncorrelated, unshakable and unbelievably 'sexy' rare tangibles. And yes, I am talking about stamps!"

Doug Winter - Founder, Douglas Winter Numismatics:

"With the ASI Rare Coin Program you can own museum quality coins for a fraction of the price you think possible."

Geoff Anandappa - Investment Portfolio Manager, Stanley Gibbons Ltd.:

"Stamps have been the ultimate store of wealth, previously accessible only by high net worth families and the royalty of Europe. Now, through the ASI/Stanley Gibbons program, rare stamps are accessible to the average investor."

Richard Gladdle - Numismatic Coin Expert, Stanley Gibbons Ltd.:

"There is a high demand for classic Greek and Roman coins. I travel the world to find the right combination of condition, beauty and collector desirability. If I have one watchword it is 'condition.' Always buy the item in the best condition you can afford."

Max Hasler - Modern First Editions Book Expert, Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions:

"Across the board, rare books are a strong market underpinned by strong collectors who are not going away. If you want to invest, and see high returns, focus on: condition, history, rarity and desirability to collectors."

Shaila Rao Mistry - Founder, STEM Institute, President, Jayco MMI:

"Women demand a high degree of knowledge, risk protection and service. Women, especially those who understand management and control of their own destiny, are now seriously considering alternative investments."

Elena Keller - Marketing Manager, Asset Strategies International:

"Everything is relative. Everyone can now own rare tangible assets in their portfolio regardless of their level of net worth or investment acumen."

Steve Emerick - Manager, Preferred Client Relations, Asset Strategies International:

"Taking action with unfamiliar investments can be difficult. Don't let anything stop you from making a decision that will protect your wealth in these uncertain times."

Carl Weber III - Assistant Manager, Preferred Client Relations, Asset Strategies International:

"I want to make sure you know that one of the most secure and fascinating investments is rare stamps, available easily and conveniently with ASI."

Jon Swyers – Preferred Client Relations Representative, Asset Strategies International:

"As an ASI Preferred Client Relations Representative, I am gratified that every one of our clients in the Rare Coin Program had a wonderful experience, with the majority adding to their portfolio. This is true even of those who have had poor experiences with rare coins in the past."

Women In The Spotlight

ASI began a women's initiative which debuted this past October at the Small Business Conference in Boston. ASI's Marketing Manager, Elena Keller, was honored.

ASI has a large percentage of female staff; works closely with domestic storage facilities owned and run by women, and has a large number of women clients. However, we feel women have largely been left out of the alternative investing dialogue. Our Precious Metals to Rare Tangible Assets Conference provided a unique opportunity for women engaged in alternative investing to speak.

At the conference, ASI's own Elena Keller recounted her journey as an alternative asset investor:

"My journey from no tangibles whatsoever, to a portfolio that includes precious metals, rare stamps, and now rare U.S. and world coins, is all about getting the right information from the right people."

Shaila Rao Mistry presented a fascinating parallel between good investing and entrepreneurial innovation and foresight. She regards alternative investing as: meeting the demands of high net worth women for safety and returns.

ASI will continue the women's initiative with a panel and coaching event on November 18th in New York City, at the Women's Leadership Exchange Assembly.

Looking Ahead

The top three takeaways from the conference were:

1. Rare tangible assets and precious metals are a must to offset the volatility of the market and protect your buying power.
2. Rare tangibles have a very high historical profitability, generally beating the stock market.
3. Invest only with an exit plan and only with those who have the greatest expertise.

ASI has noted major interest in international diversification, and will invite speakers who address these interests at future events.

Order your conference video now

All presentations at our conference were recorded, along with behind-the-scenes additions. Attendees can watch individual speakers again; and those who could not attend, can view the entire conference and hear about the wealth-building benefits that were presented.

Take the next step in hedging against our collapsing currency, the coming inflation and the potential devastating volatility of the stock market.

To express interest in a copy of our Precious Metals to Rare Tangible Assets Conference, please send us an email at rta@assetstrategies.com or call 877-340-0790.

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