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Silver Jumps to 2 ½-Year Lows, Taking Investors by Surprise

Silver is on a tear today, rapidly dropping to 2 ½-year lows as the U.S. dollar skyrockets to over one-week highs. The dollar’s surge has effectively cooled ongoing trade war tensions and the uncertainty surrounding secondary currency markets. As of this morning, silver was trading close to $14.15 per ounce, down over 3% this morning alone. This drop brings silver eerily close to its December 2015 low of $13.85 per ounce.

Today’s Gold/Silver Ratio (GSR)—or the number of ounces of silver required to buy one ounce of gold—has many investors wondering if this could be the bottom for both silver and gold. In fact, following silver’s drop to $13.85 per ounce in December 2015, both metals rallied significantly in the months following.

Historically, whenever the GSR reaches or exceeds 80, it has corrected back to somewhere between 35 and 50 as both silver and gold prices move higher, with silver outpacing gold to the upside. Right now, the GSR is near 85. If the past is any indication, silver and gold could soon be in for another bull market like the one that started in 2001.

While it’s impossible to predict when the bottom will occur, there’s no arguing that silver presents an outstanding deal right now at 2 ½-year lows. So you can take advantage of these lows, we’re now offering 1-ounce silver Buffalo rounds for Spot + 99¢ per ounce* for any quantity ordered! Better yet, we’ll include FREE shipping for purchases of 500 ounces or more. With silver at such remarkable lows, we strongly urge you to act now to lock in these exceptional prices. To secure 1-ounce silver Buffalo rounds today, please call us at 800-831-0007 or email us.

1-ounce Silver Buffalo Rounds

*Prices subject to change based on market fluctuation and product availability. Prices reflected are for cash, check, or bank wire. Free shipping, handling, and insurance are available for 1-ounce silver Buffalo round purchases of 500 ounces or more. Offer expires Friday, September 7, 2018, or while supplies last.

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