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Storage Solutions: The Right Way to Store Your Precious Metals

By Ryan Kirsch

This article is inspired by a true story related to ASI President and COO Rich Checkan. He was approached after one of his conference presentations by a client who, agreed with the need to hold precious metals and had built her portfolio over the years. The problem was they just could not remember where they put them. Imagine buying gold and silver for asset protection, storing the precious metals at home and then worrying about where they were!

None of us believe this could happen, or that we will be robbed or subject to a natural disaster that will separate us from our holdings. Still, mishaps are more frequent than you think. Please heed the following common sense plans for at-home storage and the eye-opening benefits of the storage solutions provided by ASI.

Some Home Storage is a Must

ASI's philosophy is that you store at least some of your precious metals core holdings close to home. The purpose is to have immediate access to your gold or silver in a crisis, whether personal or political. Precious metals are currency. If needed, you could use them to buy items for your everyday existence in an unforeseen event. Junk silver and coins, particularly Gold Eagles, are recognizable for trade.

How much you might store at home depends on your lifestyle and an assessment of your needs in an emergency. We hope you never need to use this emergency stash, but just like any insurance, having it helps you manage your and your family's, future risk.

There are Right and Wrong Ways to Store At Home

Store in a place where you won't have to go through headaches, like crawling into an attic in case of a fire to find your gold. Don't bury it in the backyard for your gardener to find. Make sure your estate documents give a location, if you have not let heirs know about your holdings directly.

Don't store your gold anywhere a creditor litigant, or any other person meaning to do you harm could claim the gold belongs to them. Gold held in your business safe, anywhere on the premises of your store, or with a trusted friend, relative, attorney or financial advisor can be at risk in the event of a law suit, bankruptcy, credit or matrimonial problems. Tangible assets are frozen in these cases, and you cannot get your assets back until you have proven your ownership.

Beyond Your Emergency Holdings, Place the Rest in Professional Storage

ASI offers programs that provide you with an entire service package, not just storage. With any of our programs, you could schedule delivery or arrange the convenient liquidation of your holdings when it's time to sell. Understanding and having your exit options are just as important as the core reasons for holding tangible assets in the first place.

Perth Mint Certificate- Under this program your metal is stored in the vaults of the Perth Mint located in Perth, Western Australia. Your holdings are fully insured at current market value by Lloyd's of London and backed 100% by the Government of Western Australia.

When it's time to liquidate, or take delivery, of all or part of your holdings, merely call one of our Preferred Client Relations representatives at 877-340-0790 and give us the nod. Liquidations can be completed within two weeks, or should you desire, your holdings can be fabricated in several product options and shipped worldwide. It will take a few weeks to have the physical metal fabricated. Inform your ASI Preferred Client Relations representative at least a month before you want your metals delivered. After fabrication, your precious metals can be safely and securely transported to the commercial address or depository.

Not only will ASI arrange for the liquidation and either wire funds to the bank of your choice or send you a check, but we can also convert those funds into almost any currency and send them to your account that can hold those funds.

The key is to keep in touch with ASI. The more we know about your goals and plans, the easier it will be for the process to proceed to your desired conclusion.

ASI Precious Metals Direct- is our online platform www.asipmdirect.com. You can start a relationship with us in ten minutes. You can trade during normal trading hours from your computer, smart phone or tablet. You can view your holdings online 24/7 from anywhere in the world. This is the way to buy and sell physical precious metals on line as easily as you can trade gold stocks, ETFs or others securities.

When you buy or sell online through ASI Precious Metals Direct, over a dozen wholesalers bid for your business. Your trade goes through almost instantly, and, thanks to our larger wholesaler network, you are receiving a very competitive price. When you sell, your proceeds are credited to your account after settlement and are available to purchase more precious metals or to be sent to you by check, ACH or wire transfer.

If you want to receive the physical metals, they will be shipped to you in about a week, to the address associated with your ASI Precious Metals Direct relationship. Delivery can be scheduled at the time you make the purchase, or at a later time, if you choose.

There are numerous storage options with ASI Precious Metals Direct, and there are no minimums with any of them:

  • Individual, corporate, trust and joint ownership holdings may be stored in New York City, Salt Lake City, Zürich, Singapore, and Melbourne.
  • UTMA for minors may be stored in all of the above locations.
  • IRA holdings may be stored in New York City, Salt Lake City and in the case of Gold Eagles only, in Zürich as well.

Costs vary with location and type of metal, but the flexibility can't be beat. In fact, one of our Perth Mint Certificate owners transferred some of their holdings into ASI Precious Metals Direct for online convenience, and we were able to affect that transfer for them as part of our service.

The Key to Storage Success is to Select the Solution that Fits Your Goals

Have a conversation with one of our ASI Preferred Client Relations representatives by calling 877-340-0790. They will help you determine how much and where to store at home. You will then determine what holdings should be stored domestically and which should be stored offshore for 'wealth insurance.' This is part of our three-legged stool of portfolio balance: across countries, across currencies and across assets.

We never want to hear that you have lost, misplaced, or have been robbed of your wealth because your storage was not considered in-depth. Our philosophy is based on the belief that tangible assets will make a difference in your life. We take the issue of wealth storage very seriously. Please call 877-340-0790 or send me an email and let us help you Keep What's Yours.

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