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The Information You Need and the Offers You Demand - the First Ingredient in the Baker’s Dozen

By Rich Checkan

Where can you get deep research concerning alternative assets from experienced specialists at precisely the right level to educate, and at the correct time to guide you to action?

Sadly, the answer for many is only with a time consuming slog through internet research, only to find dozens of irrelevant articles from people whose expertise may be questionable.

That's why of all our Baker’s Dozen strategies, products and services designed to help you Keep What’s Yours! Free education is at the top of our list.

We know if you are reading this, you are already a subscriber to Always Something Interesting, but have you taken advantage of all we offer? In addition to Always Something Interesting, we also offer a FREE monthly newsletter, Information Line. They won't cost you a penny, but they could make you - or save you - a bundle.

In the past, our articles have alerted you to mining woes worldwide resulting in rising precious metal prices.

We pointed you in the direction of owning uncorrelated assets providing low volatility during these difficult times.

Still, other articles opened your eyes to the then coming debacle in China (which is now fully developed into a crisis), the impact of our aging population on your securities portfolio, and the monetary crisis ahead.

You cannot afford to miss this information and the solutions which accompany each and every problem we identify.

In this unique informational pipeline, we include messages From Our Friends. When we are presented an opportunity that might interest you, we make sure you are one of the first to receive this information. We have known these partners for many years and trust them to stand behind their products and guarantees.

We tailor our information to you and your demands. In our recent survey, we gathered you want more promotions, bonuses and advantaged pricing of precious metals and other tangibles. We answered the call through our informational dialog.

  • This week you received notice of five of the most desirable rare stamps alongside of current portfolio holders and investors.
  • When hafnium, an important rare strategic metal, was unavailable to individuals, it was made available to you through our connections at the best negotiated price.
  • You received informational reminders to contribute to your qualified plans, make tax advantaged swaps of your physical precious metals, and other strategies to be executed at different times of the year.

You can also receive this information and more by calling to speak with our Preferred Client Relations representatives, or by chatting with us on our website.

We are always on the job, unhampered by pressure to earn a commission by selling you any of our products or services. We believe in compensating our staff for the service they render to you, not the sales they make for us. You must experience for yourself the difference in speaking with a non-commissioned representative as compared to the commissioned salespeople you usually encounter in the world of precious metals and tangible assets.

Although we are not financial advisors, our experience and the experiences of our clients can help you and your portfolio in 2016. We believe that all investors should make educated decisions with their portfolio and we are in a perfect position to help you do just that.

We know the financial winds are changing.

We have been alerting you about this through our informational pipeline for many months. We also know the traditional money manager may be going into ostrich mode and asking you to do the same. We urge you to register for all we offer, and to call us to discuss your options at 800-831-0007.

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