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The Offshore Alternative for Your Wealth...and Protection

By Karim Rahemtulla

Editor's Note:

Recently, our good friend, accomplished author, and successful investment analyst, Karim Rahemtulla, met with Bron Suchecki of the Perth Mint as they both made presentations to a group of investors from the Oxford Club in Sydney, Australia.

Since we first introduced Perth Mint Certificates to Oxfordians over sixteen years ago, we asked Karim to share his impressions of the Perth Mint Certificate Program. After hearing Bron's presentation and speaking with Bron, he provided the following insights...

--Rich Checkan

Gold is back in vogue after a steep correction. If you're a short-term player, you're likely enjoying the volatility in the precious metals markets and most likely, you're not considering gold as a longer term holding to balance your portfolio or to hedge against uncertainty.

Uncertainty to most people comes in the form of wealth preservation and gold has been one of the best ways to preserve purchasing power and also exceed returns from conventional investments over the past decade.

But, there are other reasons to hold the metal as well. Before I get into those reasons, it's critical that you understand that buying and holding gold the right way is more important than the notion of just buying gold for wealth preservation or diversification.

The likelihood of economic catastrophe of the magnitude that will make gold the monetary instrument for the masses is unlikely to occur. The fiat money system is too well entrenched. There is another type of catastrophe that is more likely to occur in your lifetime and it is this type of personal catastrophe that should be of much greater concern to you.

I just returned from Australia and meetings with the folks at The Perth Mint. The Perth Mint is a company that is owned by the Government of Western Australia. Yet, it operates as a business and holds vast quantities of gold for individuals around the world in its vaults. Holdings for individuals range from modest amounts in the $5,000 to $10,000 level to millions of dollars held for individuals and institutions alike. While gold repositories exist worldwide, there are a few reasons in particular that you should consider The Perth Mint as a preferred alternative for holding your physical gold.

But, before making that consideration, understand that the appeal of holding gold in a place like The Perth Mint should be part of a strategy to protect your assets not only grow them. It requires a longer term view and should not be viewed as a way to trade gold for short term profits.

The single biggest advantage to holding gold in The Perth Mint is the appeal of having some portion of your assets in an offshore jurisdiction away from the controls of both local governments and local creditors. The latter is probably more important in terms of asset protection planning. In a country like the United Sates where litigation is a way of life, you are much more likely to face a lawsuit in your lifetime than government seizure of your assets. And those lawsuits could be devastating financially if your assets are exposed and available to money hungry litigation attorneys and their clients.

The Perth Mint operates under the rule of law of the Government of Western Australia which prohibits any type of seizure or revelation of your assets unless ordered to do so by a local court which has to be petitioned by a foreign entity and be shown that your account and/or holdings must be released if you are deemed to be violating laws based on local interpretation.

A money hungry lawyer can't just call up and ask for information or be furnished information without having to jump through complex hoops. Officials at the Mint can face severe penalties, including jail time, for revealing information about you without your consent or without a local court ruling advising them to do so.

The Mint does not maintain a U.S. presence, so it is not subject to pressure from the U.S. Government. This is not to say that you can "get away" with trying to do something unlawful or under the radar. It means the repository answers to its own government.

In addition to storing your gold offshore in a friendly environment, The Perth Mint certificates are wholly portable. This means you can claim your gold in any part of the world by redeeming your certificates after which your gold can be physically shipped to you. The certificates are much less weighty than carrying the actual metal around and as certificates, they are not considered to be monetary instruments or negotiable instruments by Government of Australia thereby allowing you to control significantly more than if you were dealing with the Customs Departments who are seeking to monitor the quantity of cash or negotiable instruments that you may transfer or carry in or out of the country.

Having gold held offshore, in a jurisdiction which observes strict confidentiality and a rule of law that is friendly to you as opposed to your adversary can mean the difference between prosperity and poverty. Gold should be viewed as both a long-term investment and a store of wealth, but ignoring how and where to hold your metals could be as big an error as not owning some at all.

As usual, Karim cuts right to the heart of value. Perth Mint Certificates provide for the safe, secure storage of gold, silver and platinum offshore, for both personal and IRA funds. This is critical. After all, what good is long-term insurance and protection if it is not there when you need it?

To put the peace of mind Perth Mint Certificates provide to work in your portfolio, call us at 877-340-0790, or email us today to get started.

Keep What Is Yours with "Gold You Can Fold."

--Rich Checkan

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