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Rich Checkan, ASI President & CEOThe PMC Ounce™ & the Power of Diversification
By Rich Checkan

The breakout story of 2018 has been palladium’s meteoric rise. Due to its industrial use in catalytic converters and the limited global supply, palladium is being consumed at a deficit by automotive manufacturers and it has experienced an upward trend in pricing of 630% percent over the past decade. Recently surpassing the price of gold, palladium now continues to fight for top billing on the precious metals charts.

In the last week, we have actually seen a rise in all precious metals pricing due to concerns about political instability with the government shutdown, volatility in the stock market, and a potentially weakening U.S. dollar; all driving investors towards precious metals as a source of security in their portfolios.

In addition to palladium hitting record high prices this past month, gold is determined to maintain its “safe haven” status, pushing against key resistance to finish the year on a strong note, and platinum and silver may be looking further ahead to strengthen prices with future supply and demand shifts from their industrial usages.

Since it may be impossible to time the precious metals markets, we would like to point out the value of the PMC Ounce™— it’s a total differentiator! Since the four major precious metals markets are driven by unique supply and demand factors, diversification can allow you to minimize volatility and maximize returns.

Through the PMC Ounce™, you will not only have ownership of four physical metals (gold, silver, platinum, and palladium), but the gains in one metal can provide gains in your investment as a whole. Palladium has contributed to high returns for owners of the PMC Ounce™ going into 2019.


Chris Blasi Interview

Chris Blasi, Creator of the PMC Ounce, explains why & how to diversify with his unique financial product in this environment. See the interview on Modern Wall Street here.


The PMC Ounce™—You Can Have It All

You might have some concerns we would like to address… like why buy precious metals now when the prices are low?

Palladium has seen a 630% gain since 2009 and is only expected to continue its upward trend. Global growth is slowing and the dollar is set to weaken, which sets up commodities like precious metals for a breakout in 2019. Now is an excellent time to take opportunity of gold and silver prices at a discount before they rise back up.

As we mentioned above, with the PMC Ounce™, or the Precious Metals Composite, all you have to do to start reaping the benefits of diversifying into gold, silver, platinum, and palladium is make one simple purchase. Yes, just one.

The PMC Ounce™ contains a fixed fractional quantity of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium—all backed by 100% physical metal. This is not a fabricated coin, round, or bar; rather, each PMC Ounce™ is an allocation backed by physical metal stored at a secure facility. In fact, if you want to take advantage of the low storage rates available for the PMC Ounce™, you can even store other approved bullion products in the account!

Furthermore, there are no derivatives or securitized instruments either within the vaulted and insured inventory for the PMC Ounce™ or between the individual investor and the underlying assets. Therefore, it is free of the counter-party risk associated with exchange traded products or funds (ETPs or ETFs).


pmc ounce



It’s as simple as choosing how many PMC Ounces™ you want and sitting back as your investment matures. Here are some of the benefits of this investment…

  1. Weighted and Diversified: Each PMC Ounce™ provides a turn-key, diversified physical precious metal “portfolio” that is logically weighted based on the specific attributes associated with each metal type.
  2. Blended Return: The price movement of the PMC Ounce™ is directly correlated to the live market price changes of its component metals, thereby delivering a blended return in real-time. The composition of the PMC Ounce™ eliminates the need to attempt to market-time the trading of a broad precious metals portfolio.
  3. Volatility Control: Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium do not move in lock-step. Therefore, the diversified and blended return for the PMC Ounce™ tempers the higher volatility associated with investment positions consisting of just one or two bullion types.
  4. Secure and Insured Storage: The inventory for the PMC Ounce™ is secured with the insured vaults of a non-bank bullion depository.
  5. Real-time Trading: The PMC Ounce™ trades in real-time, and its price is directly calculated by the real-time price of each of the component metals.
  6. Liquid Asset: The PMC Ounce™ is liquid, meaning that investors in this dynamic asset are just a phone call away from executing a buy or sell order.
  7. Convertible for Delivery: The PMC Ounce™ offers a simple and easy convertibility and delivery option.
  8. Confiscation Hedge: The PMC Ounce™ allows investors to combine and capture the benefits of each metal, including store of wealth, inflation hedge, currency hedge, and unique industrial applications. Because the metals that comprise a PMC Ounce™ are stored at a non-bank bullion depository and allocated in the owner’s name, your metals are safe from government confiscation.

Instant Portfolio Diversification Is Within Your Grasp

If you’re looking to change the way you invest and add instant diversification to your portfolio, then the PMC Ounce™ is the perfect fit for your investing needs. In fact, perhaps one of its biggest advantages is that it has shown to provide greater returns than just gold and silver on their own!*


Return Since 2009 – Inception of PMC Ounce™
PMC Ounce™64.5% 
Gold42.4%PMC OZ Beat by 22 Points
Silver34.1%PMC OZ Beat by 30 Points
Return Since December 31, 2015
PMC Ounce™25.7% 

*Returns as of December 3, 2018. Past performance is no indication of future returns.


Regardless of your goals for your portfolio, this is an excellent asset for any well-rounded portfolio. The PMC Ounce™ satisfies a wide range of investing needs, whether you’re looking for greater profit potential, diversification without the hassle of determining the ideal allocation of each metal, a hedge against uncertainty, or an easy way to jump start your precious metals portfolio.

To learn more about this innovative way to invest in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, now while precious metals pricing is still below breakout prices, please call us at 800-831-0007 or email us to secure your PMC Ounce™ today.

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