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Today's Savvy Gold and Silver Buys

By Carl Weber III

I know there are several tax advantages to owning securities in an IRA. Are there the same tax benefits to owning gold in an IRA? Charles G., St Louis, Missouri

My understanding is that gains from precious metals held in an IRA are tax deferred the same as the gains from stocks, bonds or real estate. Since precious metals are taxed at a 28% capital gains rate, just like collectibles, you might be doing yourself a tax favor by owning your metals as part of your retirement plan. In that way, the gains will be taxed to you as ordinary income when you take your distribution. If you are in a lower bracket than 28% at distribution time, you will benefit.

Of course, I am not a tax expert. So, read this article from the Entrust Group, a self-directed IRA specialist. Then sit down with your advisor and see what's best for you.

If you decide on precious metals in your IRA, use our simple online platform, ASI Precious Metals Direct. You can open a relationship in under 10 minutes with any tablet, smart phone or computer. Then, create your IRA online. Over a dozen wholesalers and refiners will bid for your business and you will get the best price instantly.

Or, you can own ‘Gold You Can Fold’ by placing a Perth Mint Certificate in your IRA. Just call us at 877-340-0790, and we will facilitate your purchase and direct you to a custodian if you do not work with one already.

Here is an important point. It does take a few days to open a self directed IRA. So, call now while there is time to make your IRA contribution for both 2014 and 2015.

I've heard that silver is a better buy then gold right now. I'm building my core portfolio. Shall I buy silver first? Margaret P., Jackson, Mississippi

For those not familiar with ASI's philosophy of asset allocation, we believe a core portfolio of precious metals is essential for your financial safety. To learn the details of building a precious metals core portfolio, view our video featuring ASI president Rich Checkan.

Overall, we see gold, silver, platinum and palladium as all essential to the core portfolio, but, gold leads the way. Over the centuries, gold has always been a true store of wealth in times of crisis. It is also the most solid protection for your buying power.

Yet, the price ratio of gold to silver makes silver a compelling buy right now. In the February Information Line, we laid out the details of the current pricing anomaly.

If your gold allocation is fulfilled, you are in a terrific position to buy silver for your core portfolio. you might even consider buying some silver here with a for profit motive. For reliable currency and portfolio stability, both metals are attractive right now.

Call 877-340-0790 and speak to an ASI Preferred Client Relations representative. We will help you sort out your precious metals acquisitions to take advantage of low gold and silver prices regardless of your motivation.

Where in the world is ASI?

On Tuesday, March 10, 2015, ASI President Rich Checkan and General Manager Steve Emerick, along with Geoff Anandappa of Stanley Gibbons Ltd, will host a Precious Metals and Rare Tangible Assets Seminar at The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. This event precedes the start of The Oxford Club’s 17 Annual Investment U Conference.

Take advantage of our full-day presentation on rare tangible assets featuring Precious Metals, Rare U.S. Coins, Rare Stamps, English, European and Asian Coins, Limited Edition Prints, Asian Art, Modern First Editions Books and Antiques.

Your next opportunity to meet us out of the office will not be until July, when we join our friends at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas.

  • Call 800-926-6575 to reserve your seat at the Precious Metals and Rare Tangible Assest seminar at The Dali Museum on Tuesday, March 10th.
  • Click here to register for The Oxford Club's Investment U conference.

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