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Top Ten Rare Coin Picks for 2015

By Jon Swyers

Our ASI Rare Coin Program (RCP) brought record sales with numerous clients assembling world-class portfolios of high quality rare coins in 2014.

We currently have an unprecedented demand for RCP holdings. By the end of January 2015, we expect to transact one-third or more of the business closed in all of 2014. This affirms our forecast that uncorrelated assets will be in high demand for 2015.

ASI RCP is a growing force in the collector market place, positioned to get you the best coins available. But, what are these best coins?

We called on Douglas Winter, our RCP expert and the leading authority on pre-1933 rare U.S. gold coins. He provided his top 10 picks for 2015 – and these coins are available now.

#1. Proof Gold

Proofs are gold coins struck on specially polished blanks, often in extremely limited quantities. Proof gold is rare, beautiful and popular in the collector market.

With the ASI RCP expertise, you can own Proofs with original mintage totals of 100 or fewer. Or Proofs designated as 'Deep Cameo' or 'Ultra Cameo' by the grading services. These have unparalleled eye appeal plus very few have survived in this condition over the years.

#2. Early Gold

Pre-1834 gold coins are wonderful as a vehicle for owning a bit of history with your investment. These coins were struck in $2.50, $5.00 and $10.00 denominations.

Doug selects early gold coins which are choice and original, with dark natural color and problem-free surfaces. We sold many great early gold coins through RCP in 2014 and see no reason that demand for these wonderful pieces of history won't continue to skyrocket in 2015.

#3. Choice Branch Mint Gold

'Branch mint issues' refer to coins made at mints other than the Philadelphia mint; most often, the southern mints in Charlotte, Dahlonega (Georgia) and New Orleans.

Doug has carefully studied these markets and knows better than anyone which coins have the greatest long term upside potential.

He is partial to coins with original color and choice surfaces.

#4. Carson City Double Eagles

The legendary Carson City mint struck double eagles from 1870 through 1893. These coins are large in size, historic and extremely popular with collectors.

Carson City double eagles have shown solid returns in the last five years. While we don't think all Carson City coins will continue this push upwards, we know this market well enough to choose the dates with room to grow.

#5. Indian Head Half Eagles

These beautiful coins, struck from 1908 to 1929, are one of just two American issues to feature an 'incuse' design. Although, grades MS65 and better are very rare indeed, high grade Indian Head half eagles are at their lowest price levels in nearly a decade. What a great value for the contrarian investor!

#6. Three Dollar Gold Pieces

These fascinating odd denomination coins were produced between 1854 and 1889. They feature an attractive, classical American design and are available, from time to time, in grades as high as MS65 to MS66. If you like a contrarian 'play' in your coin investments, you will love these as they have been out of favor for many years and are at low price levels.

We believe this is a series of coins with excellent potential.

#7. High Relief St. Gaudens Double Eagles

Struck only in 1907, these coins combine the elements which make for a great numismatic investment:

• beauty,
• size,
• scarcity,
• multiple levels of demand, and
• a great back story.

They are a 'trophy' coin in the truest sense of the word.

We recommend buying graded coins in the MS63 to MS65 range. Doug is a specialist in the issue and has handled hundreds of these coins.

#8. Classic Head Gold

Classic Head gold was struck from 1834 through 1839 in quarter eagles and half eagles (through 1838). Classic Heads neatly bridge the gap between the early gold issues from 1795 to 1834 and the familiar Liberty Head issues which began in 1838/1839 and ran all the way to 1907.

We can help you assemble a complete set of Classic Head gold with 17 different pieces of a high quality group - or buy one coin to get started.

#9. Complete Collections

The RCP is currently working with a number of collectors on specialized complete sets and our focus runs the gamut from a spectacular set of Dahlonega gold dollars to an amazing type set of Proof gold in very high grades. If you have the patience and the budget to work on an important complete set, the RCP is a perfect source!

#10. 'Sleeper' Issues

Despite all the research and analysis which has been performed on United States coins, there are still issues which have fallen through the cracks and which are decidedly undervalued. Collectors refer to these as 'sleepers,' and our renowned numismatic expert, Doug Winter, knows these sleepers better than anyone.

What to do next:

If we have whetted your appetite for enhancing your bottom line with these uncorrelated picks, the first step is to call us at 877-340-0790. We will begin the hunt for your RCP portfolio or standalone coin.

We always work with your budget, as RCP coins can range from $5,000 per coin to $250,000 for an assemblage. We suggest a minimum commitment of $10,000. We find our average client commits $50,000 over time to acquire stellar pieces like the ones you see here.

The above coins, and many more, are available now. Call me at 877-340-0790, send me an email or review our rare coin pages and let's talk about what these coins can do for your portfolio.

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