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Two Must Haves for 2015

By Carl Weber III

Have you noticed your portfolio is stressed by factors well beyond economics? Terrorism, Putin's policies and our own political struggles have as much effect, if not more, than price-earnings ratios and moving averages.

If you are tired of worrying about exposure to another 2008, read the following answers to our clients' questions. You will discover two portfolio stabilizers that are Must Haves for 2015. Then, call us at 877-340-0790 to Keep What's Yours!

Are you seriously suggesting we invest in stamps? How do they fit into my portfolio? Eleanor C., East Hampton, New York.

It sounds ludicrous... doesn't it? As Stanley Gibbons' Director of Investment, Keith Heddle, says, "You want to buy a little piece of paper that someone else licked?" Yes, Eleanor, I am suggesting you invest in investment grade stamps. In fact, in the model portfolio we favor, 3% of the overall portfolios is allotted to rare stamps.


Rare stamps are one of the oldest and most consistently performing investments in the world; and have been for decades. As for asset protection, rare stamps are uncorrelated to any other investment and totally above the fray of politics, economics or world events.


As the North American Representative for Stanley Gibbons, Ltd., the largest rare stamp dealer in the world, we offer you the advisory services of Geoff Anandappa, Investment Portfolio Manager.

Our Flexible Trading Program usually begins with 5 to 7 investment grade stamps selected to fit your budget. Your stamps are stored free of charge in safe, climate controlled vaults in the Channel Islands or Hong Kong. There are no management fees. Stanley Gibbons makes their money when you do... and only if you do.

Please call me to discuss our rare stamp program further at 877-340-0790. Let's get serious about rare stamps. There is much more to this than a bit of licked paper.

I would like to buy a specific dollar amount of gold on a regular basis. Do you have a program that fits my goal? Jonathan, V., Palm Desert, California.

ASI offers three programs allowing you to dollar cost average into gold.

ASI Precious Metals Direct (ASIPMD) is our online platform accessed by tablet, smart phone or computer from anywhere in the world. Under the ASIPMD Wealth Accumulation Plan, you can designate any bank account for a monthly withdrawal of a specific sum. You'll accumulate fractional amounts of gold, choosing from Canadian Maples, one ounce bars or kilo bars.

By-the-way, silver accumulation plans are also easily implemented.

It takes less than 10 minutes to open a relationship with ASIPMD. You can follow your transactions 24/7, receive online statements and buy and sell online during normal trading hours.

If you wish to take delivery of your metals, simply wait until you have accumulated one full ounce and you're good to go; or opt for low cost, fully insured storage in Salt Lake City. Read Jon Swyers' article for more details.

You can also dollar cost average through Bullion Vault. This gives you access to the largest privately managed gold trading platform in the world. You set your own price for buying or selling and receive a confirmation that another member of the platform agrees to your terms. It's that simple.

With Bullion Vault, you have the confidence of knowing your gold is already on hand and stored by your seller. Ryan Kirsch's article explains how the system works.

Finally, there's Gold Money. You get the online platform for quick transactions, fractional share buying and storage in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland or the UK. All vaults are operated by five of the leading private vault operators, VIA MAT, Brink's, G4S, Malca-Amit and Rhenus Logistics.

Whether your interest is in rare stamps or gold, your ASI Preferred Client Relations representatives are here to serve you. We are not salesmen in any traditional sense. Our compensation is never commission based and our bonuses and rewards come only when we provide great service to you. Call us at 877-340-0790 to discuss your options.

Where In The World Can You Meet-Up With ASI?

Rich Checkan and Steve Emerick will attend the March 11-14 17th Annual Investment U Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Stanley Gibbons and ASI will host a one-day pre-conference event on March 10th at The Dali Museum discussing precious metals and rare tangible assets. This museum is the perfect backdrop to learn about alternative investments. Salvador Dali saw traditional art through non-traditional eyes and gave the world his alternative masterpieces.

If you missed ASI's conference last November, now is the time to act. Representatives from ASI, Stanley Gibbons and Dreweatts & Bloomsbury will be there to speak with you and answer your questions. Watch the highlights of the November 2014 conference as a preview of the Dali event - and sign up now.

Of course, Rich and Steve will be speaking and exhibiting at Investment U – as we have for the past 17 years.

• Come to one event.
• Come to both events.
• Arrange a private meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida
• Or, do all three.

Let us know if you would like to meet kneecap-to-kneecap in St. Pete in March.

It would be a great way to discuss how to Keep What's Yours!

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