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Why Doesn't the Mainstream Media Tell You This?

By Rich Checkan

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I wonder if you've ever had this experience. I think most of us have.

You're driving along a winding highway. The wind is blowing through your hair, the trees are flying by, reflecting the sun in your eyes, and you're on a tight deadline to your destination.

When suddenly, out of nowhere, a fork appears in the road... Beckoning you either left or right.

There's no sign, you don't have a map or GPS, and you remember one of the roads leads to a tribe of cannibals waiting for their next snack.

Ok, maybe you didn't experience that last part, but the rest is probably familiar. If only you had information on the best road to travel.

It reminds me of what it's like trying to make decisions about your financial future... When all the mainstream news does is repeat the same boring stories, over and over again. By the same token, none of them tell you how the news relates to your bottom line anyway.

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For example, Ebola, ISIS, the latest government scandal...

It doesn't matter what time you turn on the news, or what channel you flip to, it's the same things repeated ad nauseam. Reporters even use the same talking points... And the analysis seldom breaks down into anything you can use.

Besides, even if an event might affect your future finances, no one will tell you how to use that information to make a more positive future for your family.

For instance, four critical news stories occurred in the last 3 months that directly relate to the future of strategic metals. And it'll be very profitable for anyone who takes action based on them.

But I've only seen one mentioned in the mainstream media. And even that one didn't mention the spectacular opportunities available to you as a result of it.

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It might not be as sensational as the Ebola scare... Or as scandalous as an affair by some random politician...

But several events over the last few months will greatly affect the future price of strategic metal. And it's extremely exciting news. Especially for our D and E baskets since both have metals vital for emerging and green technologies... but no one is talking about them...

Two of these events will create laws that almost force baskets to be more valuable. And the other two will absorb mountains of existing supply.

Learn about the events – and discover how to profit – by clicking here.


Rich Checkan
President and COO

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